F for Fancy!

I write whatever takes my fancy, from musings to amusing stuff, from views to reviews, from verse to prose and from reflections to observations. That covers about almost everything doesn’t it? With not too much to hanker about I try to be content and spread contentment through my work. Sometimes, I do raise queries that have difficult answers. I don’t like to sit on the fence you see! Again, black or white is fine. But grey too is okay as long as it comes from the heart and mind and is not a victim of the stereotype situational circumstance. It’s … Continue reading F for Fancy!

E for Easy!!

  I thought it was easy to write a few words on an alphabet every day. No word limit. Just a few ideas expressed in sentences based on an alphabet prompt.  It couldn’t get any easier, could it? Or so I thought. I wrote religiously too till the letter D and then….. time or the lack of it combined with the heat in this blistering summer- all got together to conspire against me to prevent me from penning a few words on the alphabets. But, today, I have decided to compensate for it and write for all the days I … Continue reading E for Easy!!

The A to Z Challenge: What is it all about?

The word April derives its origin from the Latin word aperire, which actually means “to open”. Very aptly named as April is the month which opens itself to the warm rays of the sun, shedding the cold winter of the previous months. It is a time for beautiful flowers to sprout and spread their fragrance. It is a time for the whole world to rejoice. So, what better way to celebrate this beautiful month than by ‘opening’ up our creative pores and letting them sprout our reflections and emotions this entire month using the A to Z Challenge where we … Continue reading The A to Z Challenge: What is it all about?

One To Tango…Ria’s Odyssey: A BOOK REVIEW

“She was once stunned at a feeler from one of her seniors that she ought to be available for a ‘quickie’ as she too needs to satisfy her physical lust…a kind of open license…..a never-ending fright.

Some of her married male cousins and friends had the birthright to hug and feel her body curves…..If lecherous eyes could make love, she would have been mother of many bastards by now.” Continue reading One To Tango…Ria’s Odyssey: A BOOK REVIEW

Beaten By Bhagath! – A Tale of Two Writers: A BOOK REVIEW

“How does a failed debut – whether a first movie or a first album or a first book feel? Believe me, it is as traumatic a feeling as when your first –born is consigned to the incubator and brought out only to be taken to a final resting place.”
“Well-wishers often laud our attempts just to keep us in good humour. This harms rather than helps us in our quest for success.”
“….here’s not much difference between a fiction novel and underwear, in terms of market price….Isn’t a fiction book about the same retail price as a pair of briefs or banian?” Continue reading Beaten By Bhagath! – A Tale of Two Writers: A BOOK REVIEW

Whatever happened to the pen being mightier than the sword?

Remember the last time you wrote a letter? Remember the last time you received a hand written letter? Ages it seems, doesn’t it? Who has the time now-a-days to write with a pen? Leave alone lack of time, who takes the trouble to pen a few words on paper when the computer is always there? And if you are not the very writing kind then, the email or the SMS is always there to communicate and keep in touch!! Continue reading Whatever happened to the pen being mightier than the sword?