It’s Celebration Time for Muse n’ Motivation!

Yes Friends. I find it hard to believe but Muse n' Motivation completes one full year today. I started off hesitatingly but once the blogging bug hit me, there was no stopping. And what a beautiful experience it turned out to be! Writing, Sharing, Understanding the View Points of Others and More than anything else,… Continue reading It’s Celebration Time for Muse n’ Motivation!

Reflection · The Female Saga


October 2nd celebrates the birth of Mahatma Gandhi, the Father of the Nation. He needs no introduction. That he worked hard to transform himself from Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi to the Mahatma, everyone knows. That he fought hard to help Indian and its citizens to get their deserved freedom is also well known. Though, how much of it is appreciated today I am not very sure. What few know or even bother to remember is the person behind the Mahatma’s success.

Knock on the Head · Self help

Freedom from Guilt

Most of us equate epilepsy/fits/seizures with ideas that have been fed to us at home, on television or in the movies. People with epilepsy have been ridiculed and made to smell an onion or a shoe because the ‘aam aadmi’ knows nothing better. The stigma attached to this disorder is deplorable and when a woman goes through this, it becomes downright disgusting. I should know because I saw a woman having a seizure right before my eyes!