The Ponytailed Anti Hero- A Book Review

‘Oh! Not another book on the revenge saga’ I muttered to myself as I began reading the book, Ponytail The Love For Revenge. Pradip Chauhan proved me wrong by writing not just another tale of revenge. In fact, the protagonist in the novel, Prabuddh becomes an anti hero, you discover as you read on. Basically, the book deals with the aggressive and negative emotion of revenge. The style of writing is simple, easy to understand. The novel has been divided into three sections describing the life of the protagonist, Prabuddh. He is ambitious, successful in his profession and smart too. So, … Continue reading The Ponytailed Anti Hero- A Book Review

The Woman’s R.K. Laxman!

Foreword by noted author Ravi Subramanian: “I find it an intriguing story, full of humorous suspense- well worth the read. Go ahead, plunge into India. You are sure to enjoy it as much as I did.” Blurb: This book, a fun trip through India- with all the peculiar experiences of the country; has the ingredients to intrigue, the spice to savour, and the nuggets of reflection to delight! Meet the characters of Chand TV and Changa Times – Madam Chandni, Mr. Chatu, Mr. Raja Chatu, voluptuous Ms. Kitry Kat; and the others – the boyfriend Runny Singh, Tinuji, swashbuckling Mr. … Continue reading The Woman’s R.K. Laxman!

Sands Of Time: A Review

TITLE: Sands Of Time AUTHOR : Neelam Saxena Chandra PUBLISHER: Panther House Paper & Digital Publication LLP GENRE: Short Stories/Women/Fiction BLURB Time is a magician. Sometimes, it acts like a soothing balm for healing the aching hearts of women and at other times, it teaches people living around her to adapt. And at some other times, it teaches people living around her to adapt. And at some other instances, time also brings with it punishments, penances and penalties. The book ‘SANDS OF TIME’ will take you through various such emotions in the twelve stories which it contains: tales that will … Continue reading Sands Of Time: A Review

Review of a ‘Kill-Chill’ novel: God Is A Gamer

“If there is any truth in what you are saying, there are too many balls in the air. It could be anything. Muslim fanatics in Af-Pak, Hindu fundamentalists in India, Sri Lankan rebels fighting the government for Tamil liberation, Iranian extremists, Iraqis owing allegiance to Saddam. It could be anything. Where do we begin?’ Title: GOD IS A GAMER Author: Ravi Subramanian Publication: Penguin Price: Rs 299 Genre: Thriller Ravi Subramanian was one author who I was wanting to read but kept bidding my time. Now, why would I, a person not even remotely connected with the world of bank, … Continue reading Review of a ‘Kill-Chill’ novel: God Is A Gamer

Reviewing the world of ‘PRIVATE INDIA’ by Ashwin Sanghi and James Patterson!

“I can feel the smooth fabric of the garrote around my neck. I grasp both ends and gently pull. Oh, yes….I can feel the compression. A little more pressure and I’m gasping for breath. I’m about to black out as I release the garrote and allow myself to breathe once again, allowing myself back from the brink of darkness.”   Private India was one of the last books I had received for reviewing before I left for Madurai. After having lived for long in a city that had been home to me for ages, leaving Chennai was like slicing a … Continue reading Reviewing the world of ‘PRIVATE INDIA’ by Ashwin Sanghi and James Patterson!

Can I Have This Chance : A Book Review

Having read Neelam Saxena Chandra’s innumerable interesting stories before in national magazines, there was no way I was going to miss out on her novel! Neelam’s stories have never ever disappointed me so I was confident that I was going to read an equally interesting novel. The title of the novel itself, ‘CAN I HAVE THIS CHANCE?’ is an attractive one. Who would not wish to have a chance to do something he/she so desperately wants? Who would not like to make amends or make a difference if another chance was given? The protagonist Avantika is one such person who … Continue reading Can I Have This Chance : A Book Review

Reviewing the madness of Lucifer’s Lungi!

Lucifer’s Lungi : Book Review Title: Lucifer’s Lungi Author: Nitin Sawant Publication: Fablery Publications Pages: 111 Genre: Psychological Horror “Everything I was today was exactly what Saravana’s father wanted him to be – educated, worldly-wise and free from all bondage. Everything Saravana was today was exactly what I was petrified of becoming once – gullible, irrational and dogmatic. Somewhere in our course of bilateral exchange today, we both were fighting with an image projected out of our own subconscious minds.” This book is Fablery Publications’ first book of fiction and an excellent choice I must say. Do not get deceived … Continue reading Reviewing the madness of Lucifer’s Lungi!