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Setting Creative Buds on Fire at Zaitoon!

“The goal of my presence in the world is to make it possible for everyone to write poems. And not just that. The happiness. The answer.” Robert Kelly, Going To The Poem We had already had our monthly poetry reading at British Council but Sivakami and I, over a detailed discussion felt that we needed …

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Is the Cyber Bully at Your Door?

This March, an article of mine titled, ” THE GHOST THAT STALKS CYBERSPACE” was published in the magazine, Parent Circle.  Since most of us seem to babble and dabble in cyber space, this is a relevant issue especially when it can plague children- teenagers and young adults. Here goes:

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Is Social Networking making us socially disabled in the real world?

This year had me receiving some extra birthday wishes. Usually, people who know me personally wish me by mail or by phone. But this time, unusually, I had a shower of good wishes. So, how did people suddenly realize that I had grown a year older?  Yes, you got it right – Social networking. All …

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