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Stilletoed Status

She stilettoed on the ramp

into the hearts of the captive audience

as they watched her body sway to the music,

every move of hers critically observed

as she let the designer’s garment fit, flow and flood

the stage walking smiling to none and all.

Walking the winding ways of the ramp

everyday, I strut, I sway, I swirl

to the music of life –

sometimes soft, sometimes loud,

I know I am watched

by eyes that only know to painfully stare,

that know no care,

I walk high amidst clouds of smoke

that fill my bottomless pit of arrogance,

my stilettos tapping on the hollow stage of life,

every sound of my shoes only soar me high

into the realms of a illusionary world

I despise yet prize.

I hear the sound of emptiness emanate

from the plethora of a hypocritical existence

yet I carry on, catering to the whims of the world

my self lost in the bareness of unholy desire,

my soul bruised by lifeless passions set afire.


Who Knew?

Who knew ages ago
as I sat naive and naughty
in my ironed uniform
that I would stand on the other side of the road?

Who knew as I crammed
stuff in my brain
even as teachers admonished me severely
that I would be for once on the reprimanding side?

Today, as I step into teacher’s shoes
a sudden unconditional responsibility
racks my mind, soul and conscience.
What was history yesterday is fact today.

Even as I warm up to the anctics of little ones, I am reminded of my own little past- the scampering feet of friends so sweet.

What has gone will come back no more
but I can still retain the aroma of
beautiful memories gone by
and pursue a precious present here to stay
of learning,
of teaching,
of transforming school reflections
into a heartfelt haven of love.

7 thoughts on “Poetry Blog

  1. I liked the comparison between ramp walking and walking on the stage of life. Very unique. In the second poem too the divergence of a student turning into a teacher is equally good, Kudos!

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