Wednesday Warmer with Shail

Wednesday Warmer 1.4

It has been ages since I visited a library to pick up books for myself. Maybe a few years before the pandemic?! I have been purchasing books on and off over the years but the warmth of a library seemed like a thing of the past….until today.

A small library it was in the year 2014. And, it still is. I had joined it then to make my son, a reader, like his parents. And he did, until he stepped out of his teens, walked into the world of reading on tabs and phones and then, stepped right into the pandemic regime which, wasn’t much of help resulting in an already depleting book reading habit into a distant dream of mine.

So, today morning, when I still had loads of work to do, I coaxed myself into popping a solitary banana into my mouth for breakfast and made my way to that small library of 2014.

A lot of changes like always. Change is the only constant thing no?! So, I went to a branch of the library closer to home bidding goodbye the older library,  changed the membership name from son to yours truly, gulping an invisible tear that made its way down from my eyes into the nose and into my parched throat. I couldn’t even smirk and say, “You are the loser, boy!” because when he loses I lose. It doesn’t work the other way round though. When I win he doesn’t win, because then, for him, it becomes Mom’s win, not his! Strange, the way the universe functions.

Anyways, having decided to not permit the pandemic and its persistent repercussions from pestering my moods and attitudes, I went ahead and picked up a few random books for reading. I still do have some unread books and many others half-read books at home which I keep diving into every now and then. The library books will be a great excuse for me to finish a book in the time frame given by the library.

Until then, I shall snuggle in the warmth of becoming a library member once again. Hoping to send you reading vibes through this post.

One thought on “Wednesday Warmer 1.4

  1. Felt nostalgic. Rekindled old memories of library. Thanks.

    Library has History (books) but shouldn’t become History. The post is a gentle reminder for me.

    Gen-Z might have deviated towards Internet, but the sight of a book still enthuses them to read, thereby handing us a Win as they have….

    ….won our hearts in carrying on the legacy.

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