What to Make of Memories When They Fade Away?

“Memories are the best gift we can give our children. Sometimes, despite our efforts, certain memories fade away while the ones that we least expected stay. All we can do is to help the children to remember the good ones. After that, their minds take over.” My mother passed away about 8 years back. My memories of her are clear as pure water. But, I can’t say the same for my son. He was barely 7 years old when she passed away. So, though he feels her warmth and remembers certain words of hers, his recollection is hazy. When he … Continue reading What to Make of Memories When They Fade Away?

Celebrating Womanhood

How does a child celebrate his mother or sister? How does a boy acknowledge and respect the presence of his mother in his life? How does a girl appreciate her mother in her life? “Irrespective of the fact whether one has a son or a daughter, acknowledging the presence of the woman in one’s life and respecting her for who she is, is very important for the child. Only then, will the child grow up to be a good person and a responsible citizen with no prejudices or complexes regarding women. Every household has a woman be it in the … Continue reading Celebrating Womanhood

Preparing For My Son’s Exams!

A happy-go-lucky chap, my son, has fun throughout the year except for the gaps that come in for his exams. That too, I think he gets serious about (or, pretends to!) because his mother insists so! I remember as a child, being extra cautious about my exams. There were many reasons for that. One, there was no other way out. Two, I was expected to study hard and do well. Three, my report card had to be signed by my parents and I did not want to be scolded for doing badly. Four, the ranking system made announcing ranks in … Continue reading Preparing For My Son’s Exams!

Let The Little Ones Just Be….

Sometimes, it is easy to douse the fire of adventure and curiosity. Sometimes, desire and drive can be carelessly strangulated… …. All by a parent’s highly careful attitude towards the upbringing of their child. As adults and parents, we have seen life. Let’s get that straight. That indeed is a fact. Dipping into the pockets of the large experience that we have had as children, youngsters and as adults, we are indeed equipped with a plethora of information and knowledge that can help us in safeguarding the lives of our children and making it better. But, are we indeed that … Continue reading Let The Little Ones Just Be….