#WHAT THE BLACK! And it is ……….the Day of Revelation

So, we finally have it all. The black campaign, the intense marketing, the suspense in it all.  And I almost missed it in my apprehension to know what it was all about.  Many of my friends were intrigued as to what I was upto. What is it just a prank? Or, was I going to come up with something new in the market? A new review? So, dear friends…. First, we had a black Egg  Followed by a black Newspaper Then, came a black paper cup And finally, on the final day of revelation so to say, we discover the … Continue reading #WHAT THE BLACK! And it is ……….the Day of Revelation


Day 3 and there is another black box at my door again. I am just itching to open the box and find out what is there inside. ‘Day 3’ the box states and I open the box to find a : A black paper cup and a black paper napkin. So, is the final product going to be connected with something to eat or drink? I wonder. Will it be some extraordinary kind of drink or maybe, a different kind of coffee? #WHAT THE BLACK!  All I can do is just guess.  Or, like they say, my guess is as … Continue reading #WHAT THE BLACK! Day 3……

#WHAT THE BLACK! The Mysterious Journey Begins….Day 1

#WHAT THE BLACK is an activity that BlogAdda has innovatively come up with. Nothing less can be expected from a website that keeps striving to become more interesting and involving to bloggers and readers all over the world! On Day1 on 3oth July 2014, I received a box late in the evening. A little black box that promised a lot with the black shade of the box hiding more than revealing any thing. Curious as I was about unwrapping it, I let it absorb the vibrations of my home while I freshened up. And then, when I opened the little … Continue reading #WHAT THE BLACK! The Mysterious Journey Begins….Day 1

Black Beauty Wishlist…..

The colour black  has always intrigued me. More so for the fact that this beautiful shade hides within it innumerable other colours invisible to the naked eye. I realized this the moment I stepped into my teens and began experimenting with colours, dabbling in paint or trying out different coloured dresses. In fact, you will not believe it that when my mother and I went out shopping to Benares city (that’s where I come from) then, a black embroidered Benarasi silk saree with golden zaree on it is what caught my eye and I insisted on buying it despite my … Continue reading Black Beauty Wishlist…..