Prisoner Jailor Prime Minister: A Book Review

“This is destiny. Here I am, on the last day of 2016, leading a coalition of diverse parties – a dark horse riding an unexpected political tsunami in a mid-term poll exactly two-and-a-half years after the general election of 2014. “ The author of this book, I gather, is especially interested in political personalities and ‘their influence on the destiny of nations and individuals.’ The book reflects this interest perfectly. As a book of fiction, ‘Prisoner Jailor Prime Minister’ is a delight to read as it very efficiently describes the life of a political enthusiast who aspires to make it … Continue reading Prisoner Jailor Prime Minister: A Book Review


Book: SHOES OF THE DEAD Author: Kota Neelima Publication: Rainlight by Rupa Publications India Pvt. Ltd Genre: Fiction Pages: 274 Price: Rs. 495 Until now I lived in the illusion that it was I who selected the kind of books that I wanted to read and review. But, today after reading Shoes of the Dead, “….I am only incidental,” I realized that I played no role whatsoever in the kind of books that came to me. Instead, the books choose me! Whether good or bad, energy consuming or a wastage of time, the books decided whether I was worthy of … Continue reading SHOES OF THE DEAD: A Review

The Partition and The Chakmas: A Tribute to the Netaji of CHT

Book: The Partition and The Chakmas  Author:  Sneha Kumar Chakma Genre: Non Fiction Pages: 320 “Nehru was opposed to the idea of the CHT (Chittagong Hill Tracts) joining the Indian dominion, since he thought that re-opening this issue would spark off an international controversy and would amount to antagonizing other countries. Ironically, at the cost of the independence of the Chakmas, he was going to preserve the prestige of India… Nehru’s refusal to help us underlined our endless agony, sufferings and sorrow.” The book, ‘The Partition and The Chakmas’ is a compilation of the written work of the unsung hero … Continue reading The Partition and The Chakmas: A Tribute to the Netaji of CHT

Don’t Break Her Backbone!

Well! As aspirations change, the expectations of society change too. They perceive the ambitious woman (by the way, ambition could mean a desire to excel at home or at work!) in a different light. While earlier, there were chances of her being taken for granted, today, she is considered a hurdle in the regular framework of society. Her income is happily welcomed but her lack of time isn’t. The goodies she brings are fine but her sudden lack of flexibility isn’t. Continue reading Don’t Break Her Backbone!