The Woman’s R.K. Laxman!

Foreword by noted author Ravi Subramanian: “I find it an intriguing story, full of humorous suspense- well worth the read. Go ahead, plunge into India. You are sure to enjoy it as much as I did.” Blurb: This book, a fun trip through India- with all the peculiar experiences of the country; has the ingredients to intrigue, the spice to savour, and the nuggets of reflection to delight! Meet the characters of Chand TV and Changa Times – Madam Chandni, Mr. Chatu, Mr. Raja Chatu, voluptuous Ms. Kitry Kat; and the others – the boyfriend Runny Singh, Tinuji, swashbuckling Mr. … Continue reading The Woman’s R.K. Laxman!

Review of ‘The Purple Moon’ An Anthology of Poems

Title: The Purple Moon Poet: Neelam Saxena Chandra Publication: First Step Publishing Genre: Poetry Price: Paperback: Rs200, E-Book: Rs50 Writing a love poem might seem an easy task to many. “All you have to do is write a few lines about emotions, about yearning and longing. And bingo! There, you have a poem on love” they say. Not that easy folks! Firstly, one needs to have felt the emotion called love – in whatever form – for the lover, husband, wife, mother, father, sister, brother, son, daughter, nature, pet or the Lord. Secondly, poetry is no child’s play. Not everyone … Continue reading Review of ‘The Purple Moon’ An Anthology of Poems

Can I Have This Chance : A Book Review

Having read Neelam Saxena Chandra’s innumerable interesting stories before in national magazines, there was no way I was going to miss out on her novel! Neelam’s stories have never ever disappointed me so I was confident that I was going to read an equally interesting novel. The title of the novel itself, ‘CAN I HAVE THIS CHANCE?’ is an attractive one. Who would not wish to have a chance to do something he/she so desperately wants? Who would not like to make amends or make a difference if another chance was given? The protagonist Avantika is one such person who … Continue reading Can I Have This Chance : A Book Review

Reviewing the madness of Lucifer’s Lungi!

Lucifer’s Lungi : Book Review Title: Lucifer’s Lungi Author: Nitin Sawant Publication: Fablery Publications Pages: 111 Genre: Psychological Horror “Everything I was today was exactly what Saravana’s father wanted him to be – educated, worldly-wise and free from all bondage. Everything Saravana was today was exactly what I was petrified of becoming once – gullible, irrational and dogmatic. Somewhere in our course of bilateral exchange today, we both were fighting with an image projected out of our own subconscious minds.” This book is Fablery Publications’ first book of fiction and an excellent choice I must say. Do not get deceived … Continue reading Reviewing the madness of Lucifer’s Lungi!

Book Review of Whisper of the Worms

  “Baby’s blood is O Negative,” she said on coming back. “It’s a rare group. Who is negative? You or your wife?” “Wife. I’m thoroughly negative, except for the blood,” he told. “Arrange a blood donor and keep him ready for matching immediately,” she ordered and vanished. He ran to familiar faces. They all were positive, except for the blood.   Book Title: Whisper of the Worms Author: Marcardian Publication: Cactus Publishers Genre: Fiction Pages: 317 Price: 240   “Asinisation? I’m hearing it for the first time.” “It’s a word coined by a friend of mine to illustrate how an … Continue reading Book Review of Whisper of the Worms

Are you ready to face the Baramulla Bomber?

Book Title: Swastik Trilogy-Eka – Baramulla Bomber Author: Clark Prasad Publication: Niyogi Books Genre: Science Fiction Espionage Thriller Pages: 313 Price: 395 Call it plain co-incidence but the moment I completed reading the heavily loaded and powerful Baramulla Bomber and set down to write the review of the book, my computer’s external drive had crashed. “Quantum Physics meets Bible and Vedas in Background of Kashmir and Cricket!” the cover picture screamed at me. While one part of me was inquisitive about this combination of faith, terrorism, ancient weapon, science and logic the other part was treading slowly, wondering what this … Continue reading Are you ready to face the Baramulla Bomber?

Have You Met A Stranger Lately? A Book Review of When Strangers Meet.

Book Title: When Strangers Meet Author: K. Hari Kumar Publication: Shrishti Publishers and Distributors Price: Rs 100, Pages: 206 “Three men. One fateful day. A small room. And a story of a lifetime…” We need no spirit to tell us what we actually aspire for in life, what is of value to us ultimately in life but sadly, these are exactly the things we bungle up in life. Especially when we are young with fresh aggressive blood running in our veins! While reading this book, there were many places that I could either identify with the characters or remember having … Continue reading Have You Met A Stranger Lately? A Book Review of When Strangers Meet.