If He Could, We Can!

The bald head, those branded spherical spectacles, the white loin cloth and that lean long stick – we identify so much with all those that symbolized freedom. …… Even today, when all seems lost when law and order is just a line on paper, when conscience is only a fashionable word to decorate self help journals, the brisk steps marching with hope seem the only way out. …… If he could do it without a drop of blood or wounding word so can we, I think. If an entire captive nation’s self-respect can be snatched back without malice and mire … Continue reading If He Could, We Can!

The Mahatma is Back again!

Mahatma Gandhi is back again! There is hope. There is a future!  He came like a messenger for peace, patience and posterity. The withering skin, weak bones only an illusion, a disguise for human perception. The real man resides within, the knight in shining armour willing to sacrifice all for country, for fight against callous corruption. The spontaneous presence of surging crowds – men, women of all ages, generation, communities only confirmed the piety of his precious cause. The messenger for liberation lived long ago in the frail body of the strong Mahatma, Today, he walks again- the aam aadmi, … Continue reading The Mahatma is Back again!

The Grandfather I Never Had!

He died today, uttering the Lord’s name. An Indian shot by another Indian. I stand corrected. A great old gem of an Indian shot by a man, an Indian misled by his unjust beliefs. Okay. The man must have had his problems but, even after so many years, I still mourn the loss of the man who moved about in his loin cloth and stick, unmindful of rain or sun, summer or winter and led an imprisoned nation to freedom. Right from under the noses of the country who thought itself the most powerful regime in the world. But then, … Continue reading The Grandfather I Never Had!


October 2nd celebrates the birth of Mahatma Gandhi, the Father of the Nation. He needs no introduction. That he worked hard to transform himself from Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi to the Mahatma, everyone knows. That he fought hard to help Indian and its citizens to get their deserved freedom is also well known. Though, how much of it is appreciated today I am not very sure. What few know or even bother to remember is the person behind the Mahatma’s success. Continue reading THE WOMAN BEHIND THE MAHATMA