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Engines Of The Mind: A BOOK REVIEW

I knew what I was getting into when the book reached me. With at title that was obviously related to the functioning of the mind, I couldn’t possibly expect a story that was simple, quite unlike the complex brain. The fact that the author, M.K.Kirti could create a plot interspersed within the complexities of the human mind and keep the story running smoothly is something to be really appreciated.

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How advisable is ONLINE DATING?

Online dating has caught on in India or so it seems. In fact, it is surprising that it came up that late. With the kind of conservative and hypocritical attitudes that we have in our society towards relationships other than marriage and towards sex, one had expected online dating to have caught the imagination of… Continue reading How advisable is ONLINE DATING?

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To Clone Or Not To Clone Is The Question!

Just imagine! Having a clone, an exact identical to replace your loved one (father, mother, son, daughter, pet) after their unexpected demise! How nice to have an identical person just like the one you lost? Wouldn’t it help to lessen the sorrow a bit? Making use of technology for the benefit of mankind is what all actually desire. But, are the benefits of cloning as beneficial?