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Yesterday Once More…

Nostalgia – a beautiful word Understood even by the greatest nerd. Floating and Flying into the prolific past Hoping beyond hope, lost emotions would eternally last. until yesterday But, not today as I dread each draining day. When my reflections no longer transport me, Into a world I long wishfully to see! Getting disheartened with …

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A Flash Visit in Nostalgia

Just imagine a scenario. You are about to visit a family after decades. As you board the train/plane which is to take you to a place not visited for years, your mind runs and re-runs through a plethora of past memories that you have treasured. You remember the trivialities of childhood, the fun games of …

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Remembering Friends

The delights of friendship are many. Our friends are family after our parents and siblings. Friendships influence our ideas and our thoughts.

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