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Don’t Break Her Backbone!

Well! As aspirations change, the expectations of society change too. They perceive the ambitious woman (by the way, ambition could mean a desire to excel at home or at work!) in a different light. While earlier, there were chances of her being taken for granted, today, she is considered a hurdle in the regular framework of society. Her income is happily welcomed but her lack of time isn’t. The goodies she brings are fine but her sudden lack of flexibility isn’t.

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Woman! Thy Name is Realization… HAPPY WOMAN’S DAY!

This poem was composed in the year 2010, posted on March 7, 2010 for Woman's Day. It stands good even today... For all those celebrating INTERNATIONAL WOMAN'S DAY.. Woman, Beautiful woman. The world searches in you frantically, qualities that it does not possess. In vain, for ages, you have been judged, accused, traumatized for things… Continue reading Woman! Thy Name is Realization… HAPPY WOMAN’S DAY!


It’s Celebration Time for Muse n’ Motivation!

Yes Friends. I find it hard to believe but Muse n' Motivation completes one full year today. I started off hesitatingly but once the blogging bug hit me, there was no stopping. And what a beautiful experience it turned out to be! Writing, Sharing, Understanding the View Points of Others and More than anything else,… Continue reading It’s Celebration Time for Muse n’ Motivation!

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One Day In The Life Of A Woman…..

Many women get raped some time or the other in their lifetimes. Now, don’t think of this as a scandalous statement. Haven’t there been times, dear friends when a woman has stood before a man in a public place like a bus stop, the bus itself, the mall or some official place and has been forcibly undressed to the barest minimum by just the lustful look of some stranger? The resultant feeling is of anger, frustration and shame.