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What are your reasons to Pray? Tell me!

From time immemorial prayer has been that invisible link that humans create with God. Naturally, this applies to believers and not to atheists although non believers in their own unique way unknowingly create a connection with the Power Above using science or logic. Prayer, to me has always been part and parcel of my daily… Continue reading What are your reasons to Pray? Tell me!

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The Laws of the Spirit World by Khorshed Bhavnagri

one cannot but stay mystified page after page as all the queries about birth, death, karma, destiny, divine justice, reincarnation are all answered one by one. Remember the movie ‘Ghost’ where Patrick Swayze is murdered and keeps moving around in his astral form because he has still not come to terms with his death and wants his girlfriend, Demi Moore to know.

Knock on the Head

Why do religious leaders go astray!

Is it the suppressed desire that suddenly rises from within when a female devotee is willing to give her all to show her loyalty or gratitude to her spiritual/religious guru? Why are they not able to practise what they preach? After all, when they have been elevated to the status of spiritual/religious guru, they are surely expected to follow the laws of society themselves! Otherwise, how else will they advocate decency, fidelity, and faith to the disciples?