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Right Here. Right Now. Open Mic – LETS TALK LIFE!

I was getting late (as usual) although all things had been taken care of at home. What the heck! I was going out for an Open Mic after a very long time. Reached the venue just in time. And, was I glad that I made it! Before I delve any further about the programme I… Continue reading Right Here. Right Now. Open Mic – LETS TALK LIFE!

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What are your reasons to Pray? Tell me!

From time immemorial prayer has been that invisible link that humans create with God. Naturally, this applies to believers and not to atheists although non believers in their own unique way unknowingly create a connection with the Power Above using science or logic. Prayer, to me has always been part and parcel of my daily… Continue reading What are your reasons to Pray? Tell me!

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Beaten By Bhagath! – A Tale of Two Writers: A BOOK REVIEW

“How does a failed debut – whether a first movie or a first album or a first book feel? Believe me, it is as traumatic a feeling as when your first –born is consigned to the incubator and brought out only to be taken to a final resting place.”
“Well-wishers often laud our attempts just to keep us in good humour. This harms rather than helps us in our quest for success.”
“….here’s not much difference between a fiction novel and underwear, in terms of market price….Isn’t a fiction book about the same retail price as a pair of briefs or banian?”