The Female Saga

Don’t Break Her Backbone!

Well! As aspirations change, the expectations of society change too. They perceive the ambitious woman (by the way, ambition could mean a desire to excel at home or at work!) in a different light. While earlier, there were chances of her being taken for granted, today, she is considered a hurdle in the regular framework of society. Her income is happily welcomed but her lack of time isn’t. The goodies she brings are fine but her sudden lack of flexibility isn’t.

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How advisable is ONLINE DATING?

Online dating has caught on in India or so it seems. In fact, it is surprising that it came up that late. With the kind of conservative and hypocritical attitudes that we have in our society towards relationships other than marriage and towards sex, one had expected online dating to have caught the imagination of… Continue reading How advisable is ONLINE DATING?