The Letter B for Banaras!

Blogging Challenge – Letter B Banaras. Varanasi. Or, simply Kashi. Now, why am I talking about these names? Well, all the names mentioned above refer to one place and I belong to that unique place. Although my parents have lived there more than I have, there is this invisible link that I share with it that just cannot be described in words. I suppose this stands true for all people who have this connection with places that go far to their roots so to say. The little hidden lanes, the colorful shops, the cheerful people collide with the serenity of … Continue reading The Letter B for Banaras!

A for Angel

Participating in the Blogging Challenge A to Z (2016) I first learned of the angel when I was in the first standard. Our early morning assembly had us singing hymns in praise of the Lord. As time passed I came to understand the existence of another God than the one I prayed to at home. And, accompanying this new God I also understood the presence of angels, pretty, beautiful ones who accompanied God whenever He visited earth. Sometimes, he sent them to do the tasks when He was busy attending to other major problems that man so skilfully created. I … Continue reading A for Angel

Without You…..

Without you, my child I do not exist. Without you, I am nobody. I have no identity. With you, I am love personified. Without you, Mother I have nowhere to go. I have no haven. I know no one. With you I am safe. I know myself. Without You, God I am lost. I am clueless about life. With you, I am. I do. I am life itself. For the Blogging from A to Z April Challenge 2014 for the Letter W Continue reading Without You…..

U for Unanimous

Unanimous in our greed, Unanimous in our desire, Unanimous in our wants, Unanimous in our misty mire, Why can’t we be unanimous in our dislike for dark terror? Why can’t we be unanimous in our peaceful perceptions about humanity? Unanimous in love, Unanimous in creation, Unanimous in death, Unanimous in recreation, Why can’t we be unanimous in our prayers to the Almighty? Why can’t we be unanimous in joy and hope? Are we really unanimous at all? For the Blogging from A to Z April Challenge 2014 for the Letter U Continue reading U for Unanimous

Testing Times!

Testing times- growing times, losing times, loving times, hating times, winning times, expensive times, hurting times. I thought I had passed the test, having wanted, got, seen and lived it all. What more could there be left for me? I wondered in nonchalant arrogance. From binding placenta to bonding finger, From erring pencil to refined pen, From dearest friend to mate for life. Hadn’t I gone through all the tests that were destined for me? Testing Times- surviving times, hoping times, giving times, binding times reflecting times, realizing times. Timeless times! For the Blogging from A to Z April Challenge … Continue reading Testing Times!

Shail it is….for S

Parents name their children differently. Some name their children depending upon the planets. Some give their best friends’ names to them. Others think a lot about the meaning of the name they give to their children. Still others name their children at random. Whatever the name may be, it gives a sense of identity to the child forever. And, many a time, it has been noticed that a name does seem to influence the nature and characteristics in a child! I am named Shail which means mountain rock. Actually, part of my name came from my father’s name which is … Continue reading Shail it is….for S

Retry Friend!

Trying to do something again, even after life has dealt a severe blow is definitely not easy. The same goes for a heart that is broken and refuses to patch up a hurtful past and carry on and retry. Retrying can be frustrating and guilt prone for one feels that one is betraying one’s past by doing so. But, that isn’t the case. Retrying to make a better present, retrying to help push one’s hurtful past behind us, retrying to succeed in life again is not against any law. In fact, the law of nature is such that aids us … Continue reading Retry Friend!