Sridevi Kicks the Bucket: Karma Plays its Role

Another wonderful Indian actor has passed to the other realm. May her soul rest in peace. Whichever movies Sridevi acted in, she left her mark. But, somehow, her stint in Tamil cinema seem to stand out for her dusky genuine vulnerability which made the public connect with her and her performances. I didn’t seem to think so until I married my husband. My first movie of Sridevi was a Bollywood one and, over the years I saw her in innumerable Hindi movies. It was only when I started watching old movies/film songs of Sridevi in Tamil did I realize what … Continue reading Sridevi Kicks the Bucket: Karma Plays its Role

Soulistic Poetry

Being part of an Open Mic is always fun! Because you get to meet different kinds of people. Because you are exposed to varied kinds of talents. Because it is wonderful being part of something that makes you feel happy. And, more than anything else, because it helps you express yourself freely, without limitations. So, here I was part of a Sunday special Soulistic- Let’s Synergize hosted by the graceful Abhi aka Abhinaya Ranganathan. First, figuring in a creative poster followed by a day long event though tiring was worth every moment spent. New friends made. Notes exchanged. Online people met … Continue reading Soulistic Poetry

Releasing My Book of Poems for Children – MORNING SHOWS THE DAY!

MORNING SHOWS THE DAY A Book of Poems for Children By SHAIL RAGHUVANSHI Published by Panther House Paper and Digital Publications LLP Have you ever wondered about the rhymes that we learnt in school? • Ring a ring of Roses • London Bridge is falling down. • Three Blind Mice • Humpty Dumpty I was really good at reciting the rhymes when I was small and I am sure like all parents, my parents too would have been proud of this fact. But, did they know what the rhymes were actually about? Did I know the origins of the rhymes … Continue reading Releasing My Book of Poems for Children – MORNING SHOWS THE DAY!

Hot soothing tea with poetry trails

A twirly tweak of sunshine plays outside my window today which saw only rain, gloomy clouds and water that filled up roads, drains and potholes a week or two back.During one such day,  5th November 2017 to be precise, there was an Open Mic event (LIT) where I had to present my poetry. It was a delightful experience. Thank you Gayathri. Poetry at Tea Trails Youtube Link Continue reading Hot soothing tea with poetry trails