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Celebrating the Environment

It was spring in the air when we moved to the town with trees, flowers and birds opening their arms wide to welcome a season known for its colour and joy. All creatures, big and small are known to wait anxiously for summer to bloom to its fullest. Do we people even realize the importance of summer and spring? I remember when I was in the city earlier, all that I could think of as soon as summer arrived was, "how hot and sweaty it is out here!" And, I'd rather be seated within closed doors 'enjoying' the cool air-conditioned breeze. There, in the town I surprisingly awoke every morning to greet the first rays of the sun. The energy that I received from the early morning rays kept me going the whole day with enthusiasm. In the city, I had no time for such 'frivolities.' I would rather catch a few extra winks of sleep to refrain from dozing off at work after a late night. Amidst nature's rich expanse, life runs at its own pace. It just cannot be rushed I was soon to realize.