It’s Celebration Time for Muse n’ Motivation!

Yes Friends. I find it hard to believe but Muse n’ Motivation completes one full year today. I started off hesitatingly but once the blogging bug hit me, there was no stopping. And what a beautiful experience it turned out to be! Writing, Sharing, Understanding the View Points of Others and More than anything else, making new friends from all over the globe. I am grateful to all the persons who thought my blogs worthy enough to comment on. Thanks a lot friends. This doesn’t mean I am going to go ‘Full Stop!’ Muse will continue to motivate as usual … Continue reading It’s Celebration Time for Muse n’ Motivation!

Valentine Karma!

Valentine’s Day is over. What a relief! Till Valentine’s Day all that I kept seeing was red everywhere. Now. Now. Don’t imagine red bloodshot eyes fuming with anger. Valentine season always brings with it red hearts, rising passions everywhere – in newspapers, on the net, on hoardings, on the radio! “Nothing wrong in that” you might say. “After all, red hearts remind one of the beautiful emotion that makes you float on clouds!” True. But, too much of red-hot (sorry hearts) hovering above and around can make you dizzy. And that’s surely not healthy news for the heart!  Even Saint Valentine … Continue reading Valentine Karma!

Happy Friendship Day. Everyday!

Wow! It’s that day of the year again when we let our friends know just how much they mean to us! It’s that special day when we celebrate friendship. Ages ago, such a concept did not even exist. We made friends, stuck around together and that was sufficient to let our friends know that we valued them immensely. But, new concepts are bound to make a global trip, the friendship day concept popped into India as well bringing in a unique way of appreciating friends not to mention the gifts, the cards, the friendship bands and the like! Leaving aside … Continue reading Happy Friendship Day. Everyday!