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Terror Knows No Other Name!

Just because it is a terror attack in Pakistan, it does not make the pain any lesser. It hurts to see children dying for no fault of theirs. It pains immensely to live in an age when terrorists brutally and insensitively destroy beautiful buds that were yet to bloom. No holy book, no faith calls …

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Preparing For My Son’s Exams!

A happy-go-lucky chap, my son, has fun throughout the year except for the gaps that come in for his exams. That too, I think he gets serious about (or, pretends to!) because his mother insists so! I remember as a child, being extra cautious about my exams. There were many reasons for that. One, there …

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Let The Little Ones Just Be….

Sometimes, it is easy to douse the fire of adventure and curiosity. Sometimes, desire and drive can be carelessly strangulated… …. All by a parent’s highly careful attitude towards the upbringing of their child. As adults and parents, we have seen life. Let’s get that straight. That indeed is a fact. Dipping into the pockets …

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Corporally Yours: Fair Form of Justice?

Corporal punishment as it is officially known has been used for years. It is the normal reaction of most adults when they cannot tolerate a child’s misbehaviour any longer. But who will justify the teacher’s act of justice? Who will ever know when the teacher has used corporal punishment as a sadistic means to a prejudiced thought against a child?

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Exam ka Bhooth!

All those subjects that I had left way behind, ages ago I had had to pick up and re-read them again. Apart from that, I had to undergo those butterflies in my stomach every time my son was leaving for school, anxiously wondering how he would do in his exams.

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