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As one traverses through the tale of Fate and Desire, one is made to make love to Anand’s obstinate thoughts and cruel obsession. The author has sketched the character of Anand so well that one loves Anand and also hates him at the same time. How ethical are Anand’s means to achieve that end that he so desperately desires is to be seen. Every time Anand trips over the line of truth and goodness, one hopes this is the maximum evil he can do. But no! The author pushes us to the wall with every page, incident and emotion.

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Destiny’s Child

Is our destiny already planned and laid out before we are born? Are we just working our way through life like puppets with the strings of our lives in someone else’s hands? Although a firm believer in faith and God, I had always believed that everything lay in my hands, my mind so to say.

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The Laws of the Spirit World by Khorshed Bhavnagri

one cannot but stay mystified page after page as all the queries about birth, death, karma, destiny, divine justice, reincarnation are all answered one by one. Remember the movie ‘Ghost’ where Patrick Swayze is murdered and keeps moving around in his astral form because he has still not come to terms with his death and wants his girlfriend, Demi Moore to know.

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