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Devouring Poetry with Shobhana Kumar!

Amdavadi, the Gujarati restaurant in Chennai seems to have become one of the favourite haunts for poetry lovers and muse obsessed fans in Chennai. So, here we were discussing poetry, lunch, the weather and of course, the muse with  sweet Shobhana Kumar, an author and poet.

An informal get together, Mr. Naidu, Sivakami, myself and of course, the chief guest of this lovely discussion Shobhana Kumar, we all dived deep into our food as well as poetry. It was wonderful reading out poems, reflecting aloud on what emotions and thoughts went into them, why we wrote poetry and how the literary atmosphere was in Chennai.
Does poetry writing make poets judgmental?
Was writing poems a kind of rebel thought against situations and society?
Was writing enough or was bringing out books also important?
This and many questions we pondered about.
All and all, it was a lovely get together of the verse, muse and us.
Thank you Shobhana for making this a beautiful occasion!



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