A to Z April 2014 Blogging Challenge

J for Jewelry and what it stands for in today’s world

.... from my post on jewelry..... Jewelry forms an intricate part of any culture and has been in vogue from the time a country has come into existence. In fact, early Indians used to adorn themselves with ornaments from head to toe irrespective of gender, religion and community. Today, traditions and lifestyle may have changed… Continue reading J for Jewelry and what it stands for in today’s world

The Female Saga

Don’t Break Her Backbone!

Well! As aspirations change, the expectations of society change too. They perceive the ambitious woman (by the way, ambition could mean a desire to excel at home or at work!) in a different light. While earlier, there were chances of her being taken for granted, today, she is considered a hurdle in the regular framework of society. Her income is happily welcomed but her lack of time isn’t. The goodies she brings are fine but her sudden lack of flexibility isn’t.

The Female Saga

Does Alimony aid Woman Empowerment

Alimony or any other financial reimbursement is a boon for women who are not working, do not have sufficient educational qualifications to get jobs to support themselves, are physically handicapped or have some mental problems. It becomes a basic necessity then. But what about the women who can refuse this monetary help yet, wash dirty linen in the court just to get that 1/5 or 1/3 of their husband’s income?