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J for Jewelry and what it stands for in today’s world

…. from my post on jewelry….. Jewelry forms an intricate part of any culture and has been in vogue from the time a country has come into existence. In fact, early Indians used to adorn themselves with ornaments from head to toe irrespective of gender, religion and community. Today, traditions and lifestyle may have changed …

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My First Ever Marathon: Pinkathon Chennai 2014

Firstly, I am not a very physical person. Secondly, I have never participated in a marathon. Thirdly, I have friends who have gone through breast cancer which is what this run is all about. So, when PINKATHON came up in Chennai I knew I had to do it. No excuses, I told myself although I …

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Woh Paanch Din – Those Five Days

Something that most women prefer to keep hidden or do not wish to openly discuss about, even though it is a universal phenomenon is menstruation. Or ‘periods,’ as most of us women seem to know it as. I remember my mother telling me about ‘periods’ just a year before it happened. So, should our children …

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Don’t Break Her Backbone!

Well! As aspirations change, the expectations of society change too. They perceive the ambitious woman (by the way, ambition could mean a desire to excel at home or at work!) in a different light. While earlier, there were chances of her being taken for granted, today, she is considered a hurdle in the regular framework of society. Her income is happily welcomed but her lack of time isn’t. The goodies she brings are fine but her sudden lack of flexibility isn’t.

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The Modern Woman in Eternal Conflict -A Balancing Act Forever?

Is the woman content and happy today? Having played many a role in the human ring of stress and hypocrisy, is the woman content doing the balancing act? Is she satisfied with the way she is currently leading her life?

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Jewelry and Science

Today, ornaments are worn to look good but it all seems to have begun ages ago for specific reasons mainly pertaining to the health of men and women. Isn’t it wonderful how the origin of these pieces of jewelry came up?

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Is there something called Female Chauvinism?

ad that real feminism is being murdered right under the eyes of the genuine feminists who clearly know what it feels like to ‘not have’ and then ‘achieve something’ only to lose it due to the hypocritical attitudes of some foolish and egotistical women.

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Does Alimony aid Woman Empowerment

Alimony or any other financial reimbursement is a boon for women who are not working, do not have sufficient educational qualifications to get jobs to support themselves, are physically handicapped or have some mental problems. It becomes a basic necessity then.
But what about the women who can refuse this monetary help yet, wash dirty linen in the court just to get that 1/5 or 1/3 of their husband’s income?

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