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Why do religious leaders go astray!

This post of mine was posted way back in the year of 2010 and yet how true it stands even for today……

What happens when a religious leader goes haywire?

aasthaIt has happened over the years. Time has tested innumerable people for their beliefs every now and then. Not all have come out successful. Some, because they have held on to beliefs because it was the in thing. Some, because they have found some spiritual or religious heads attractive. And yet again, the so called religious gurus themselves who have made a mess of our religious system by their immature, inflammatory and lucid talks and actions about what human beings should do or believe in. This tragic flaw is not only evident in Hinduism which is one of the most ancient religions in the world. We have had instances when priests and nuns in convents have crossed the line of ethics that has been charted out for them ages ago. The same applies to other religions as well.

What is it that makes some spiritual persons who are able to transform the lives of thousands to not be able to change their own lives for the better? (unless they think that the fame, fortune and having innumerable disciples is their way of transforming their lives for the better!!)

What is it that makes religious heads to go overboard when it comes to the issue of sex and women?

Is it the suppressed desire that suddenly rises from within when a female devotee is willing to give her all to show her loyalty or gratitude to her spiritual/religious guru? Why are they not able to practise what they preach? After all, when they have been elevated to the status of spiritual/religious guru, they are surely expected to follow the laws of society themselves! Otherwise, how else will they advocate decency, fidelity, and faith to the disciples? Or, do some disciples already presume that a guru is above this all and even when he/she asks for a sexual favour, it must be considered good fortune as if the Lords of the Heavens have demanded it so!

It is but natural for a person in extreme distress to either approach a psychologist or a spiritual religious head. In our country especially, a religious guru is preferred as it is believed that he/she can do miracles which cannot be assured of in the world of medicine and psychology. But, what is the price to pay for the removal of distress. Monetary and sexual favours? Money wise, some people do not seem to mind it as they feel they would have had to shell out money anyway, if they had tried to solve their problems through other means. But what about sexual favours?

When self respect is gone, what else is left even if your main ‘problem’ has been treated? It is like one disease taking the place of another and this one being more threatening and dangerous to not just the body but also to the spirit and the soul.

Let’s realize that even the godmen are mere mortals and are susceptible to moh-maya, lust and greed. Gone are the days when the siddhars were there to preach what the Gods had taught them. Very few genuine spiritual gurus really exist in the country/world. And even those, who are true to their faith prefer to keep to themselves to avoid all this disgusting mess.

But, what about the devotees and disciples? One day, you elevate the godman so high that he begins to think that he is the Almighty Himself. And when someone tells you that the godman is a sex maniac you throw him down hastily?

What I ask of the ordinary human being is:

Where is your sense of reasoning?
Where are the values that you have been taught for ages about ethics?
Why allow some strange person to brain wash you when you can’t even accept a piece of advice from a genuine friend or mate?

It is something like the TATA Tea advertisement where the youth say that people take (bribes) because WE give it to them!

Stop following these godmen blindly. Use the brains that God has given you.
Surf through the thoughts and beliefs of the leaders you like and then decide for yourself what to use in your life. Becoming associated with any religious institution need not be a necessity.
Work from the confines of your home, mind and heart.
And do not carry your belief on your sleeve![

I would love to know what you friends feel about this.

Somewhere, sometime we need to clarify what genuine devotion and blind brain washing really is. Don’t you think so?

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2 thoughts on “Why do religious leaders go astray!

  1. The conclusion is apt. However the blind followers deserve this lesson. My personal feeling is that these ashrams are basically a money spinner besides offering free sex and drugs. They are no better than Rajneesh’s Osho. He was bold and stated what is being offered in the ashram. It is necessary for the Police and Government to act tough on this guys.

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