Haiku and Tea with Kala Ramesh

We had been acquainted online and had been in touch with one another for a while.  We were hoping to meet too someday but did not expect it to happen so very soon. And, what a pleasant experience it was! Being a poet myself, I have always appreciated all forms of poetry but Haiku has always intrigued me because it is indeed very difficult to be able to express oneself with so much intensity in just three lines! Of course, Kala Ramesh would say otherwise, Haiku exponent that she is!     Having been in the field of music, art … Continue reading Haiku and Tea with Kala Ramesh

Celebrating the Chennai Charm!

On 22nd August, Chennai celebrates its birthday. Yesterday was its 373rd birthday. My tribute to this wonderful city! Madras (now Chennai) had always been the stereotype voor for me. Chennai represented all that was South Indian (remember, there was a time, when South Indian was presumed Madras aka Chennai!!) – masala dosai, idly, bharatnatyam, MGR, Kamalahasan, Rajinikanth and all. In spite of having grown up in Bangalore, destiny seemed to have groomed me well enough to adapt to a Tamil surrounding. My best friend in school was a Tamilian, my neighbor akkas were Tamilians and family friends lived in Chennai. … Continue reading Celebrating the Chennai Charm!

Mesmerising Life of Balasaraswati, Dancer: Book Review

Book:  BALASARASWATI – HER ART AND LIFE Author: DOUGHLAS M. KNIGHT JR. Publication: TRANQUEBAR With the first touch and glance this wonderful book, I knew I was being transported into a different world. What I did not know then, was that I was holding am exquisite piece of precious history that was to reveal to me the enchanting background of not just a fabulous Bharatanatyam  dancer but was also to enrich my very being with the treasure chest of information of the place I had been living in for ages. Chennai, Tamil Nadu – I thought I knew all the … Continue reading Mesmerising Life of Balasaraswati, Dancer: Book Review