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Right Here. Right Now. Open Mic – LETS TALK LIFE!

I was getting late (as usual) although all things had been taken care of at home. What the heck! I was going out for an Open Mic after a very long time. Reached the venue just in time. And, was I glad that I made it! Before I delve any further about the programme I… Continue reading Right Here. Right Now. Open Mic – LETS TALK LIFE!

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The hapless demise of helplessness

He was in trouble, real trouble. This much I could see. He ran here and there trying to protect himself from something he himself did not know, understand or see. His mind was going haywire, his body in pain, and thoughts, well, the less said the better. The vehicles on the road appeared scary. He ran into a place which seemed desolate. Stairs appeared before him. He climbed them all till he could climb no more. Suddenly, a dog appeared before him from nowhere. Its bark tormented him, scared him and reminded him of what he was and what he had become. In desperation he scratched the dog leaving the dog scamper away howling.