Every body has time for a little love…..

It is Valentine’s  Day and what a lovely day to announce on my blog that a love story of mine is part of a beautiful collection of 14 (yes, Feb 14) authors, talented all of them, including that of dear friend,  superb writer and successful marketing man Faraaz Kazi who is responsible for the creation, compilation, publication and marketing of the book, LOVE which when expanded reads, LOTS OF VOLATILE EMOTIONS! Wishing all friends a very happy Valentine’s Day and a fantastic time reading the stories of beautiful writers. God bless you all with love. Always. Advertisements Continue reading Every body has time for a little love…..


I HOPE ALL IS FINE WHEN IT’S VALENTINE   It’s Valentine’s  Day And I have a lot to say.. “I love you, “ “You’re among the very few,” And so on and so forth I can rattle with full mirth. “Be my Valentine.” Okay. I shall. But, is all really fine? “I love you so,” ‘Don’t you know? “   How could I when I hear About groping, molesting of species I hold dear? How could I when I see sane people get wild Injuring, attacking and hurting the most mild?   I shall be your Valentine. Fine. We shall commit … Continue reading ALL IS FINE WHEN IT’S VALENTINE!

Valentine Karma!

Valentine’s Day is over. What a relief! Till Valentine’s Day all that I kept seeing was red everywhere. Now. Now. Don’t imagine red bloodshot eyes fuming with anger. Valentine season always brings with it red hearts, rising passions everywhere – in newspapers, on the net, on hoardings, on the radio! “Nothing wrong in that” you might say. “After all, red hearts remind one of the beautiful emotion that makes you float on clouds!” True. But, too much of red-hot (sorry hearts) hovering above and around can make you dizzy. And that’s surely not healthy news for the heart!  Even Saint Valentine … Continue reading Valentine Karma!