Hot soothing tea with poetry trails

A twirly tweak of sunshine plays outside my window today which saw only rain, gloomy clouds and water that filled up roads, drains and potholes a week or two back.During one such day,  5th November 2017 to be precise, there was an Open Mic event (LIT) where I had to present my poetry. It was a delightful experience. Thank you Gayathri. Poetry at Tea Trails Youtube Link Advertisements Continue reading Hot soothing tea with poetry trails

British Council Poetry Reading – October 2017

We were meeting again after a month. This time, there was no theme. We could write on any topic.  It was lovely reading out our poems and then, leaving it open for public perception ( read, healthy criticism/ editing). And, what fun it was! Javits read out his ode to poetry which was a beautiful performance poetry (although he didn’t stand up to do so despite our constant bickering about it!).     Shyla read out a sensitive poem, a tribute to the unborn and we were moved even as we wondered about the imagery, the conflict between thought and … Continue reading British Council Poetry Reading – October 2017

Birdies Read Poetry at British Council – November Session

The theme for the poetry reading was ‘BIRD’ and guess what? Three birds turned up. All females. Ha! Ha! Maybe, the male birds just did not feel like writing about the birds and the bees I guess. We tarried a while before beginning our poetry session. And when we knew that the others could have been delayed or might not come due to other engagements we started off with our reading. And you know, when women get together they can bring the roof down. It is a different fact that the roof legally belonged to the British Council Library and … Continue reading Birdies Read Poetry at British Council – November Session

Poetry Circle Meets Again – October Session

It was that time of the month. Poetry reading time!  So, we gathered to read, to understand, to appreciate, to improvise. What makes the Poetry Circle readings at the British Council different from other poetry reading events is that here, the poets lay bare their wares and then,  the poems are scrutinized, with fellow poets gracious in their praise and criticism. There is no place for any kind of ego hassle or pride to disrupt the poetry readings. No wonder, only the bravest among them all dare to come for the poetry readings! Of course, we have poets who like … Continue reading Poetry Circle Meets Again – October Session

News in Verse at Shailimar Times!

It just fit. Shailimar Times! Out of the blue! Never thought of writing news in verse. But, here I am doing it. And, a regular weekly column at that. I need to thank my dear friend Sonia Rao for being so adventurous and trusting of me. Just imagine! You are the Editor of a famous website Mumbai Mom. Com when suddenly, you are suggested a weird idea of writing The News This Week in verse format and you are giving it a shot without a clue as to how the readers will respond! Well, the readers seemed happy looking at … Continue reading News in Verse at Shailimar Times!

Rendezvous with Priya Sarukkai Chabria

When I saw a foreigner with a hat placed perfectly on her head and a long stylish chain dangling from her neck, lipstick and eye liner in place, I least expected the person to be the one I was to be meeting along with Sivakami on 9th August, 2016 at Amdavadi, T.Nagar. I had met innumerable writers and poets before so, it wasn’t that I was over-awed or something. It was just that she seemed to pop out from the pages of history, an old timer writer, poet, novelist and translator from every angle! What stood out (for me at … Continue reading Rendezvous with Priya Sarukkai Chabria

Review of ‘The Purple Moon’ An Anthology of Poems

Title: The Purple Moon Poet: Neelam Saxena Chandra Publication: First Step Publishing Genre: Poetry Price: Paperback: Rs200, E-Book: Rs50 Writing a love poem might seem an easy task to many. “All you have to do is write a few lines about emotions, about yearning and longing. And bingo! There, you have a poem on love” they say. Not that easy folks! Firstly, one needs to have felt the emotion called love – in whatever form – for the lover, husband, wife, mother, father, sister, brother, son, daughter, nature, pet or the Lord. Secondly, poetry is no child’s play. Not everyone … Continue reading Review of ‘The Purple Moon’ An Anthology of Poems