Poetry Circle Meets Again – October Session

It was that time of the month. Poetry reading time!  So, we gathered to read, to understand, to appreciate, to improvise.

What makes the Poetry Circle readings at the British Council different from other poetry reading events is that here, the poets lay bare their wares and then,  the poems are scrutinized, with fellow poets gracious in their praise and criticism. There is no place for any kind of ego hassle or pride to disrupt the poetry readings. No wonder, only the bravest among them all dare to come for the poetry readings!

Of course, we have poets who like to read poems from books they have come across and share it with the rest. This helps in expanding poetic horizons. And we did that too!

The theme for the poetry reading today was ‘Festivity’ (since October this year has been filled with festivals and celebration).

Poet Sivakami Velliangiri wrote two poems on the theme.


I shall the quote the smaller poem titled, CELEBRATION.


to my brother’s house.

Memories search for childhood.

Silver and gold tinsels find nesting

places. The tree is a pot stand.

What does it matter?

Supplications constitute festivity.

In this small town of so many churches

which church do I belong to?

It has to be brick.

And the steeples have to proclaim

the baptism of a baby

pronounced Monica.

Christmas has come.


Mr. Chandramohan Naidu, a multifaceted personality read some poems of Kamala Das and Maya Angelou. A real pleasure it was to hear the poetry as the emotions of the poets overwhelmed us all.




Shri Paniker spoke about how certain aspects of poetry could be entirely subjective, but be a poem of emotion in its own right. The poetry reading gave rise to several other topics that poets and writers write about now-a-days affected by society.









Finally, I read out my poem titled, CELEBRATION.

Bland it was


until you came.

Crawling into my womb

you made my bored interiors


as if I was enjoying,

praying in a festival.


Until we walked

hand in hand

around the sacred fire

I only celebrated myself,

my void, my solitude.

Today, I happily indulge

in marital festivity.



with my mound of words,

my prism of perspiring perspectives

I was indifferent to life,

arrogant to opinion.

Now, evolving, changing,

humbled, I celebrate.


What can be more inspiring and joyous when creative people get together to talk unabashedly about poetry, art, life itself in the confines of a place that lets you be You! Our Poetry Reading today only confirmed the fact why poets need to get together to celebrate!

See you next season. Happy Diwali.



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