Right Here. Right Now. Open Mic – LETS TALK LIFE!

I was getting late (as usual) although all things had been taken care of at home. What the heck! I was going out for an Open Mic after a very long time. Reached the venue just in time. And, was I glad that I made it! Before I delve any further about the programme I attended and performed in, I need to tell you this: Let’s Talk Life is a platform for people who wish to share their darkest secrets, display the talents they didn’t know existed or just plain spend an evening with like-minded, creative people. Not all perform. … Continue reading Right Here. Right Now. Open Mic – LETS TALK LIFE!

Rendezvous with Priya Sarukkai Chabria

When I saw a foreigner with a hat placed perfectly on her head and a long stylish chain dangling from her neck, lipstick and eye liner in place, I least expected the person to be the one I was to be meeting along with Sivakami on 9th August, 2016 at Amdavadi, T.Nagar. I had met innumerable writers and poets before so, it wasn’t that I was over-awed or something. It was just that she seemed to pop out from the pages of history, an old timer writer, poet, novelist and translator from every angle! What stood out (for me at … Continue reading Rendezvous with Priya Sarukkai Chabria

Mirror Mirror on the Wall, Does it matter after all? An Open Mic for feminism!

Saturday 6th August, 2016, an exciting theme event beckoned me. It called for poetry presentation on the topic of beauty and the pressures of looking good in society. And yeah, you got it right – it was about women! Apart from the theme that interested me, the fact that certain speakers were also going to voice their views on the above mentioned topic confirmed my place in the crowd. Sharada Vijay and Nandhitha Hariharan were the hosts for the event. Quite unlike other formal hosts, they put you at ease immediately irrespective of the fact whether you were performer or … Continue reading Mirror Mirror on the Wall, Does it matter after all? An Open Mic for feminism!

Poetry Reading at British Council -August session

A pleasant evening, the first Wednesday of the month, time for the regular schedule nay tradition of Poetry Reading at the British Council Library. It is something we poets in Chennai who are part of this religious poetry readers group look forward to every month, especially for the ones who come from afar only to read and savour poetry for what it is. The theme for the month was Euphoria, already set by Vasanth Dev during last month’s Poetry Reading session.  It is not a compulsion that one should write or read a poem on that particular theme but it … Continue reading Poetry Reading at British Council -August session

Oh Aruna! Oh Humanity!

The spirit, suffering Is finally free. Trapped treacherously By an insensitive act of a cruel carnal desire, Losing luscious longing To a human desire gone wild, The soul slowly let go. The body brutally hurt, badly bruised Tearing through the senses We all take for granted. Four long decades of living a dead life. While the culprit escapes claustrophobic existence That ravaged the mind, heart, soul and body of a young woman. Rejecting death, her soul fought hard to breathe. A vegetative existence, they said. Let us fight for euthanasia, they clamoured. But to no avail. She neither lived nor … Continue reading Oh Aruna! Oh Humanity!

Terror Knows No Other Name!

Just because it is a terror attack in Pakistan, it does not make the pain any lesser. It hurts to see children dying for no fault of theirs. It pains immensely to live in an age when terrorists brutally and insensitively destroy beautiful buds that were yet to bloom. No holy book, no faith calls for a mass destruction of lives. Vengeance is God’s right, not ours, not the so called followers’ who insult the pure and holy doctrine of Islam. Terror has no double meaning. It means just one thing, In all languages, religions and thoughts – ‘Poisoned minds … Continue reading Terror Knows No Other Name!

In Memoriam

Now, they are here. Now, they aren’t! Pretty little creatures brightening my hollow world unconditionally, dead, gone forever. Swimming in a pool they made their home for me, for my family; An empty aquarium stares at me now demanding an answer for a death I feel hapless about. Was it the trauma of moving? Was it the rising temperatures of a new city? Or some other cruel nitty-gritty? Bubbles of joy that once filled a pool of life are now transformed into bubbles of guilt that clog my mind, heart and soul! What was it that I was whining about? … Continue reading In Memoriam