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British Council Poetry Reading – October 2017

We were meeting again after a month. This time, there was no theme. We could write on any topic.  It was lovely reading out our poems and then, leaving it open for public perception ( read, healthy criticism/ editing). And, what fun it was!

Javits read out his ode to poetry which was a beautiful performance poetry (although he didn’t stand up to do so despite our constant bickering about it!).



Shyla read out a sensitive poem, a tribute to the unborn and we were moved even as we wondered about the imagery, the conflict between thought and emotion.

Sivakami read out her stark poem on mother and as is typical of her poetry, the narrative hit us in the face.


I read out a poem too, more a recollection of the past leaving enough room for improvement.

What was great was that the entire exercise deepened into how poetry must not be a monthly meet; maybe a ‘Practice of Poetry’ as a workshop would be excellent in terms of improving our input and output.

We consequently left with a promise to pursue practising poetry more in our lives.



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