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Poetry Reading at British Council -August session

A pleasant evening, the first Wednesday of the month, time for the regular schedule nay tradition of Poetry Reading at the British Council Library. It is something we poets in Chennai who are part of this religious poetry readers group look forward to every month, especially for the ones who come from afar only to… Continue reading Poetry Reading at British Council -August session

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Review of ‘The Purple Moon’ An Anthology of Poems

Title: The Purple Moon Poet: Neelam Saxena Chandra Publication: First Step Publishing Genre: Poetry Price: Paperback: Rs200, E-Book: Rs50 Writing a love poem might seem an easy task to many. “All you have to do is write a few lines about emotions, about yearning and longing. And bingo! There, you have a poem on love”… Continue reading Review of ‘The Purple Moon’ An Anthology of Poems

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Anthologies 1: A Poetry Collection

Book: Anthologies 1 Genre: Poetry Poets: Nivedita Narsapuram, Frank Joussen, Dr. Ram Sharma and Dr.  Mosam Sinha. Publication: I.D.E.A.S. Book available at: Dial A Book It always gives me great pleasure when I read a book of poetry. It reinforces the belief that poetry is still thriving in all forms in many nooks and corners.… Continue reading Anthologies 1: A Poetry Collection

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Poetry By Indian Women…

Reading a book of poems can be taxing for most of us especially when we just want to delve into a story, an emotion and then pack up. The common stereotype image of poetry is that the poet tends to use frivolous language with soaring similes and illusionary imagery to compose a poem. But, this particular collection of poems written by nine women poets puts this widely misunderstood notion to rest. I particularly chose this book to review for three reasons. Firstly, the poems are composed by nine ‘Indian women’ – a designation that at least I share (being a poet myself). Secondly, the emotions and issues dealt with in the poems in this collection come very close to what ordinary women go through. And thirdly, the language used to convey the thoughts, feelings and reflections is fairly simple, something that a person not very used or interested in reading poetry can understand and identify with.