Birth: The Letter ‘B’


Birth takes place.

It takes us places.

Giving birth  not at all easy

and yet the most beautiful activity on earth

ever imagined –

an act of love, compassion and awe-

all forms of a creativity

unimagined, breathless in its conception.

Believe it or not,

our birth only makes living stronger, better and happier.

Learning every other day

to create

healthy thoughts,

happy emotions

and positive vibrations.

Birth is this and much more…….

 Entry for the Letter ‘B’ which is part of the A to Z  Blogging Challenge April 2014


12 thoughts on “Birth: The Letter ‘B’

    1. Hi Teresa. So nice of you to drop in. Yes, the feeling of giving birth is something out of the world. Nothing compared to the joy that one experiences when one holds the baby right out of the womb,,,, Thank you.

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