The Woman’s R.K. Laxman!

Foreword by noted author Ravi Subramanian: “I find it an intriguing story, full of humorous suspense- well worth the read. Go ahead, plunge into India. You are sure to enjoy it as much as I did.” Blurb: This book, a fun trip through India- with all the peculiar experiences of the country; has the ingredients to intrigue, the spice to savour, and the nuggets of reflection to delight! Meet the characters of Chand TV and Changa Times – Madam Chandni, Mr. Chatu, Mr. Raja Chatu, voluptuous Ms. Kitry Kat; and the others – the boyfriend Runny Singh, Tinuji, swashbuckling Mr. … Continue reading The Woman’s R.K. Laxman!

Missile Abdul Kalam: A Tribute

A beautiful soul just took off Like the missiles he so popularly made. A newspaper hawker just left behind news That will be hard to erase! Tears flow unabated For a man related to the citizens of the country With the delicate chords of love That he wove around their hearts. His life – an inspiration For the poor, deprived, non-motivated Indian. His emotions – a brilliant story Of patriotism, unconditional love and morality. The only President who connected with the youth, Slashing the prejudiced view of ‘generation gap.’ The only man who was so very ordinary That he made … Continue reading Missile Abdul Kalam: A Tribute

Prisoner Jailor Prime Minister: A Book Review

“This is destiny. Here I am, on the last day of 2016, leading a coalition of diverse parties – a dark horse riding an unexpected political tsunami in a mid-term poll exactly two-and-a-half years after the general election of 2014. “ The author of this book, I gather, is especially interested in political personalities and ‘their influence on the destiny of nations and individuals.’ The book reflects this interest perfectly. As a book of fiction, ‘Prisoner Jailor Prime Minister’ is a delight to read as it very efficiently describes the life of a political enthusiast who aspires to make it … Continue reading Prisoner Jailor Prime Minister: A Book Review

What We Can Do

When the winds of change threaten to invite anarchy within its midst my tri coloured flag flies high in the sky putting to shame all superficial claims to maintain democracy. When the winds of change entice a generation too chilled out to feel the pangs of democratic labour then, my national flag rustles quietly in the free breeze building up a quiet revolution of self realization and forbearance. Can we allow a mere changing wind to ruffle our age old foundation of love for the soil that enriches our very being, the soul itself? When the nation works relentlessly to … Continue reading What We Can Do

If He Could, We Can!

The bald head, those branded spherical spectacles, the white loin cloth and that lean long stick – we identify so much with all those that symbolized freedom. …… Even today, when all seems lost when law and order is just a line on paper, when conscience is only a fashionable word to decorate self help journals, the brisk steps marching with hope seem the only way out. …… If he could do it without a drop of blood or wounding word so can we, I think. If an entire captive nation’s self-respect can be snatched back without malice and mire … Continue reading If He Could, We Can!

Vande Mataram!

When winds of change threaten to drown you in their callous modes of destruction….. When forgotten values, lost in the mire of corrupt thoughts and emotion strangulate your conscience…… When a country becomes a mere medium to grab greedily transcending all classes of humanity… THEN…. duty beckons beyond selfish satiation and mass misendeavour… THEN… the value of freedom becomes less a page in history, more a functioning moment in one’s present, less a memory, more a committment to compensate malice, hurt and despair. This independence day Let’s wrap our minds and souls in the truth of the tri- colour promising … Continue reading Vande Mataram!

Unlimited Stories of The Indian Soul – A Book Review

 Book Title: India Unlimited – Stories From A Nation Caught Between Hype  And Hope  Author: Kulpreet Yadav Publication: LiFi Publications Pvt. Ltd.  Pages: 198 Price: 190 Kulpreet’s writings always give that realistic appeal to things without becoming cynical. In fact, having read his work before, I could detect the same cozy feel that the author brings to his characters. Here, despite the fact that this book of stories has innumerable characters, the readers are able to slip into the skin of most of them. Due credit must be given to the language, narration and observation skills of the author. “The … Continue reading Unlimited Stories of The Indian Soul – A Book Review