For you dear Papa!

Father’s Day was here last Sunday, and I read this prompt a few days later. Thought I would write something about two pictures of my dad which never fails to make me smile even today. Ever protective of his darling daughter, he taught me to be bold and strong while I was happy, ever bursting into a song! The first man in my life, in joy and strife! It was from him that I learned to be courteous and polite. Yes! I remember, it was he who taught me a letter to write. Never denying me anything. Colors, sketch pens … Continue reading For you dear Papa!

Papa Kehtei Hain Bada Naam Karega….

How important is a father’s presence in a child’s life? Very Much. How much can a father influence the upbringing of his child? A Lot. Can a father’s role ever be substituted in a child’s life? Never. For many children the father invariably becomes the role model very early in life. At least for me, my father definitely was my role model. It took me many years to understand and acknowledge how much of a role model my mother too became for me later in life but more of that in another piece. While my mother protected me with her warmth … Continue reading Papa Kehtei Hain Bada Naam Karega….

Celebrating My Father!

I remember that curly haired man always surrounded by friends. I relish with fondness the special moments shared with him in CubbonPark in the toy train as I gleefully munched away on the popcorn that he religiously bought for me every Sunday – a toy train luxury for me every inch of him. I tried hard to keep him happy just to hear him praise me before friends! How could I forget the tasty MTR idlis! So many more joyful memories rush through my brain all jostling to express themselves even as I lay back and warm myself in happy mundane childhood … Continue reading Celebrating My Father!