During my last visit my mother had asked me unexpectedly, “Are you going?” something which she never asked me before. If that was not indication enough what else could have been? I should have known then that she was giving me a hint. But, stupid that I was, I smiled, kissed her on her forehead and said, “I’ll be back soon.” And I kept my word. I returned in four days to see her die! Today, she is no more yet; I feel that she is some where around, ready to take me in her arms when I see her … Continue reading Mother…….

What We Can Do

When the winds of change threaten to invite anarchy within its midst my tri coloured flag flies high in the sky putting to shame all superficial claims to maintain democracy. When the winds of change entice a generation too chilled out to feel the pangs of democratic labour then, my national flag rustles quietly in the free breeze building up a quiet revolution of self realization and forbearance. Can we allow a mere changing wind to ruffle our age old foundation of love for the soil that enriches our very being, the soul itself? When the nation works relentlessly to … Continue reading What We Can Do

Let The Little Ones Just Be….

Sometimes, it is easy to douse the fire of adventure and curiosity. Sometimes, desire and drive can be carelessly strangulated… …. All by a parent’s highly careful attitude towards the upbringing of their child. As adults and parents, we have seen life. Let’s get that straight. That indeed is a fact. Dipping into the pockets of the large experience that we have had as children, youngsters and as adults, we are indeed equipped with a plethora of information and knowledge that can help us in safeguarding the lives of our children and making it better. But, are we indeed that … Continue reading Let The Little Ones Just Be….

Pop Goes The World With Michael !

Nobody expected Michael Jackson to die this early. Everyone knew that he was in extreme debt, that he had undergone terrible physical transformation in terms of color, etc. But, he was making a comeback and people, even after these years were expecting the very best from him. They had full faith in his talent and ability to draw crowds. Continue reading Pop Goes The World With Michael !

Changing Times – Hear the Voice of Your Soul!

Time to Change:  I never ever thought in my wildest of dreams that my pre- teen son would one day tell me that the time I had lived in my teens was ‘ancient period’ (he was actually brushing up on his history portions that time!). I was shocked to say the least because I had not realized that a lot of water had flown under the bridge since then. I had definitely added years to my life but my enthusiasm, zest for life was the same. Okay! maybe, I had slackened a wee bit in my physical movements (I used to … Continue reading Changing Times – Hear the Voice of Your Soul!