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For you dear Papa!

Father’s Day was here last Sunday, and I read this prompt a few days later. Thought I would write something about two pictures of my dad which never fails to make me smile even today.


Ever protective of his darling daughter, he taught me to be bold and strong

while I was happy, ever bursting into a song!

The first man in my life,

in joy and strife!

It was from him that I learned to be courteous and polite.

Yes! I remember, it was he who taught me a letter to write.

Never denying me anything.

Colors, sketch pens or the cycle with a trrring, trrring!


All that I am today is because of you Papa.IMG_20140614_202131

I am ever close to your heart although I stay afar.

Now, the tree has bent a little.

The energy for life brittle.

But, your shade still protects me.

In its leaves, your love for me I can see.

Age may have weakened You.

But, as my hero I still see You!


Happy Father’s Day Today and Every Day!




For the Write Tribe Wednesday Prompt 9


8 thoughts on “For you dear Papa!

  1. That is such a heart-felt tribute Shail 🙂 Father-daughter bond is special isn’t it? Daughters are their father’s princesses forever.

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