Hat it is for the letter H!

This time, I am making use of a poem I had written some time back. That thing called a hat – does it merely cover a thinning head of ageing hair or is it a fashionable statement for receding grey cells? Every Hello – a revelation to the stranger standing amusingly wanting to curiously know whether the area called the head has a growing patch or not! Hats for all occasions, for convenience for cover-ups temporarily hiding embarrassing situations! Do you wear a hat by the way? For the A to Z Blogging Challenge April 2014 Advertisements Continue reading Hat it is for the letter H!

Birth: The Letter ‘B’

Birth takes place. It takes us places. Giving birth  not at all easy and yet the most beautiful activity on earth ever imagined – an act of love, compassion and awe- all forms of a creativity unimagined, breathless in its conception. Believe it or not, our birth only makes living stronger, better and happier. Learning every other day to create healthy thoughts, happy emotions and positive vibrations. Birth is this and much more…….  Entry for the Letter ‘B’ which is part of the A to Z  Blogging Challenge April 2014 Continue reading Birth: The Letter ‘B’

Anthologies 1: A Poetry Collection

Book: Anthologies 1 Genre: Poetry Poets: Nivedita Narsapuram, Frank Joussen, Dr. Ram Sharma and Dr.  Mosam Sinha. Publication: I.D.E.A.S. Book available at: Dial A Book It always gives me great pleasure when I read a book of poetry. It reinforces the belief that poetry is still thriving in all forms in many nooks and corners. Anthologies 1 is one such book of poetry. It is a harmonious attempt to get together the poems of poets well known in their respective fields of study and work.  What stands out in this sleek and slim collection is that every poet has a … Continue reading Anthologies 1: A Poetry Collection

Amma, I know you are there….

Mother, I had thought I had lost you when my earthly mother ascended to the heavens above only to make me more aware of your presence at all times, everywhere.   How slowly you made your way into my life even with my earthly mother alive, bestowing upon me all maternal love, only when she went did I realize that all along you were making me stronger to make my pain lesser in her permanent absence on earth.   I remember placing my head in your white sparkling pure love laden lap embracing me, drowning all my despair making me … Continue reading Amma, I know you are there….