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Anthologies 1: A Poetry Collection

Book: Anthologies 1

Genre: Poetry

Poets: Nivedita Narsapuram, Frank Joussen, Dr. Ram Sharma and Dr.  Mosam Sinha.

Publication: I.D.E.A.S.

Book available at: Dial A Book

It always gives me great pleasure when I read a book of poetry. It reinforces the belief that poetry is still thriving in all forms in many nooks and corners. Anthologies 1 is one such book of poetry. It is a harmonious attempt to get together the poems of poets well known in their respective fields of study and work.  What stands out in this sleek and slim collection is that every poet has a message to convey to society, an idea to reflect upon and an emotion to feel passionately about.

Dr. Ram Sharma’s poem, ‘ASHES OF MEMORIES’ is written well:

“My time

has been burnt,

in your memories,

It’s ashes will rise,

it will reach to you…”

In Dr. Mosam Sinha’s, ‘HAIKU’ the value of silence is richly conveyed in the lines..

“Silence expresses words

loaded with weight of wisdom

You must understand.”

Nivedita Narsapuram’s (the only woman poet among three male poets in this collection) poem, ‘BHAGATH SINGH, RAJGURU AND SUKHDEV’ stands out for its deeply articulated emotion:

“Body, whipped

Skin, ripped

Soul, untouched

Alike three musketeers,

To the isle of death,

Lo! They sing and go…”

And finally, the editor of the book, Frank Joussen – his poetry, most of it reads like a wonderful painting across the Indian landscape. It reflects the emotions of a poet from another land (Germany). The only non-Indian poet in this anthology, his poetry is reflective and philosophical like when he states in ‘OPEN ENDINGS’….

The end of a settler

Comes when he begins to roam,

The end of a gypsy

the place she calls home…

The end of a winner

is his first defeat,

the end of a writer

his very last blank sheet.”


The Anthology would be incomplete without the work of either of the poets mentioned. Their presence is visible in the verses as they share their thoughts and emotions with us.

A valiant poetic attempt by I.D.E.A.S. Hoping to see more anthologies like these, to encourage poets and poetry alike.

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