Kite Strings by Andaleeb Wajid

When the book came into my hands I was not so sure what I was getting into. A new novelist, a differently themed background story – would I enjoy reading this book? I wondered. After a few pages I had no doubt at all. There was no way I could not enjoy such a nice book devoid of any pretence and full of life! Like old summer wine that tastes better as it ages, the book, Kite Strings moves into your system and before you even realize it, you have been transformed into Mehnaz, the main protagonist of the novel! You … Continue reading Kite Strings by Andaleeb Wajid

A Flash Visit in Nostalgia

Just imagine a scenario. You are about to visit a family after decades. As you board the train/plane which is to take you to a place not visited for years, your mind runs and re-runs through a plethora of past memories that you have treasured. You remember the trivialities of childhood, the fun games of school and the twists and turns of early friendship. You are just reaching the place. As you get nearer you find your heart beating faster, your eyes moistening and a nostalgic emotion overpowering you. You are expecting to see things just the way you left … Continue reading A Flash Visit in Nostalgia