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Kite Strings by Andaleeb Wajid

When the book came into my hands I was not so sure what I was getting into. A new novelist, a differently themed background story – would I enjoy reading this book? I wondered. After a few pages I had no doubt at all. There was no way I could not enjoy such a nice …

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A Flash Visit in Nostalgia

Just imagine a scenario. You are about to visit a family after decades. As you board the train/plane which is to take you to a place not visited for years, your mind runs and re-runs through a plethora of past memories that you have treasured. You remember the trivialities of childhood, the fun games of …

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I Will Lie Down In Peace by Usha Jesudasan

The book is about a family that bravely came to terms with terminal illness and is a personal account of the survivor of that family. The family was an ordinary family just like you and me.

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