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Blinkers Off by Andaleeb Wajid: A Book Review

Having read and reviewed Andaleeb’s earlier book, KITE STRINGS, I did kind of know what to expect in BLINKERS OFF. In fact, had I got the unexpected, I could have been disappointed. The charm of the author’s art of story telling is that she makes use of ordinary people in ordinary circumstances and weaves a tale around that. No wonder, most readers tend to identify with the characters or the situations incorporated in her novels.

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Rainy Days – In time for the rains…..A Book Review

BOOK: Rainy Days AUTHOR: Samarth Prakash PUBLICATION: Good Times Books Pvt. Ltd. PAGES:  196 GENRE : Fiction ISBN : 938061945-6 “We are not always dealt the cards that we want. We are dealt what we are dealt. We just have to play them in the best way that we can.” The lines above form the …

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Life Is What You Make It by Preeti Shenoy

“There is only a fine line between sanity and insanity. Who is to decide that someone is insane and others are ‘normal?’ If somebody does not conform to set norms of behaviour, the society terms them as eccentric, odd, mad and crazy. Is it really fair?” Books have moved me, touched me. Some I have …

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