Blinkers Off by Andaleeb Wajid: A Book Review



Publication: Rupa Publications India Pvt. Ltd.

Pages: 270

Genre: Fiction

ISBN: 978-81-291-1840-0

Having read and reviewed Andaleeb’s earlier book, KITE STRINGS, I did kind of know what to expect in BLINKERS OFF. In fact, had I got the unexpected, I could have been disappointed. The charm of the author’s art of story telling is that she makes use of ordinary people in ordinary circumstances and weaves a tale around that. No wonder, most readers tend to identify with the characters or the situations incorporated in her novels.

This was one novel that I could read non-stop wanting to know what the main character of the novel Noor would go through next. After all, she is no great beauty, but an ordinary woman wanting all that the common man/woman wishes from life.

About the title, ‘Blinkers Off’ – it is purely symbolic and relates to Noor who seems to wear blinkers that ordinarily should be able to show what is in front of her but in her case, as her friend says,

“…Your blinkers are weird. I mean, you don’t see what’s in front, but everything else around you seems to register!”

“Tum aa gayae  ho, noor aa gaya hai,” I said and got up smiling…” Intense feelings for a man Noor thinks is somebody else’s boyfriend. A film making workshop, aspirations for a professional future in a family not so encouraging and last but not the least, the innocent stirrings of love in a heart – all this and more make the novel a delight to read.

Nothing heavy for the grey cells. A light reading that makes you feel satisfied at the end.

Do have a read!


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