Rainy Days – In time for the rains…..A Book Review

BOOK: Rainy Days AUTHOR: Samarth Prakash PUBLICATION: Good Times Books Pvt. Ltd. PAGES:  196 GENRE : Fiction ISBN : 938061945-6 “We are not always dealt the cards that we want. We are dealt what we are dealt. We just have to play them in the best way that we can.” The lines above form the theme of the novel, RAINY DAYS. The protagonist Raghav is like any other common man with ordinary desires like a good job, love and a life well lived. Unfortunately, life doesn’t always run the way you want it to. So, Raghav keeps living yearning for … Continue reading Rainy Days – In time for the rains…..A Book Review

Zero Percentile 2.0 by Neeraj Chhibba

Book: ZERO PERCENTILE 2.0 Author: NEERAJ CHHIBBA Publication: RUPA PUBLICATIONS PVT. LTD Genre: FICTION Pages: 257 ISBN: 978-81-291-1920-9 Available at all leading online book stores “Intertwined destinies are a potent of greatness and a place in history unless certain evil destiny’s juggernaut crosses their path.” “Revenge is a dish best served cold. Hey avenger, don’t forget God always sides with the innocent.” I really liked these lines in the book! Although I hadn’t read the first book of the author, Zero Percentile 1.0  but it, in no way hampered my reading and enjoying the second book, Zero Percentile 2.0. The … Continue reading Zero Percentile 2.0 by Neeraj Chhibba

The Quest For Nothing by Anurag Anand

The Quest for Nothing by Anurag Anand is a DINK (Double Income No Kids)  story very realistically told, reflective of the lives of most working youngsters today who have the world at their feet and don’t exactly know what to do with it! With the novel commencing with a poem acknowledging friends and family alike I wondered as I read along as to whether the forthcoming pages would be as enticing as this. Fortunately, I was not disappointed. Each chapter begins as a periodic phase and you get a vague idea as to what the story is all about like … Continue reading The Quest For Nothing by Anurag Anand