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Destiny’s Child

Is our destiny already planned and laid out before we are born? Are we just working our way through life like puppets with the strings of our lives in someone else’s hands? Although a firm believer in faith and God, I had always believed that everything lay in my hands, my mind so to say.

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You Love Me? Then, change your faith to prove it!

Faith is what holds you all along, from birth to childhood to adulthood. Suddenly, to give it up is not easy. It is like tearing a part of your self. But then, you have a terrible choice to make. Love of your life or the faith that has been holding you strong all these years. When in love, it is like walking on a tight rope. You love the person. You love your faith too and don’t want to give up either.

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Believing To Disbelieve

“I think, I do, so I am” quite unlike the believers who hold on strongly to the thought that as much as they can take the initiative to do something, the consequence of their action is not entirely in their hands.

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