Muse n’ Motivation has turned A Lakh hits old!

From writing for magazines in the print media for years and for websites on the net, blogging seemed a natural progression to express myself and share my thoughts with others. But, I would not be where I am today as a blogger had it not been for the warmth and affection of all the people –  friends, acquaintances and strangers alike who frequent the blog. Today, when my blog Muse n’ Motivation becomes a lakh hits old, I take this opportunity to thank all of you who take out time to visit my blog to like, comment and share your views. … Continue reading Muse n’ Motivation has turned A Lakh hits old!


Now, this is one book that you just cannot rush through. Like some exotic meal, you need to savor it word by word and then, after you have tasted and relished it, you need to chew the story – grain and shaft.

The wind and sand form the mysterious backdrop for a tale interwoven with the emotions and imagination of a storyteller, Hassan and his listeners. The story teller could be Joydeep himself as Hassan fuels the imagination of his varied listeners in the same way as we do while reading the novel. When you look back after reading the whole book, you realize that there is no great sinister plot to entrap you and yet, you get to wander far and wide, delving deep into the languid pools of life, almost drowning one moment and then, calmly swimming again. Continue reading THE STORYTELLER OF MARRAKESH

Why are we disrobing Draupadi even today?

Disrobing Draupadi comes easy to us Indians. She was pledged, remember, in a simple game of  dice. She was not a material object, , not wealth or riches, yet, she was gambled away because there was nothing else left to stake. What logic! Once you indulge in gambling, you stake your whole life to a couple of infamous die. The die could personify anything today – emotional and physical abuse, adultery, lust, jealousy or just plain selfishness. Draupadi had to share her life with five men, meaning polyandry. Although not approved of then, men could have many wives! So, Draupadi’s case was rather controversial … Continue reading Why are we disrobing Draupadi even today?