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I write whatever takes my fancy. from musings to amusing stuff, from views to reviews, from verse to prose and from reflections to observations. That covers about almost everything doesn’t it?

With not too much to hanker about I try to be content and spread contentment through my work.

Sometimes, I do raise queries that have difficult answers.

I don’t like to sit on the fence you see! Again, black or white is fine. But grey too is okay as long as it comes from the heart and mind and is not a victim of  the stereotype situational circumstance.

It’s not easy to hitch-hike people’s minds but I do exactly that, putting myself in their shoes to acknowledge, feel and understand their Emotions, Attitudes, Reactions, Thoughts and  Happenings. My writings stem from these.

Hope you enjoy my erring, sorry EARTHy strokes of thoughts, perspectives and reflections.

Happy Reading Friends!




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  1. Priya

    Good Shail, I enjoyed reading your stories…

  2. Thanks Priya. Nice that you liked the stories. Will write and post some more soon.

  3. Dear Shail ji,
    Glad to know you–a fellow blogger !
    I shall visit your blog off and on,for sure.
    I extend you a warm welcome to my blog as well.
    Search for “Broca’s Doodle Pad ” on Google or go to and you will be there.
    Wishing you ALL THE BEST !

  4. Shail

    Dear Jatinder ji, nice to know you. It feels good when ‘fellow bloggers’ as you put it welcome you. It encourages you to blog more and better.

    Will definitely visit your blog.

  5. Visited your blog for the first time today and felt glad I did. keep up the good work. I will keep coming back for more :).
    best wishes.

  6. Nice you liked the blog Tiku.
    Thanks for the encouragement.

  7. Hi Shail,
    Ohhh wow! You have an awesome blog! As i read through your last post…i felt like we were soul sisters. My god your way of thinking is so similar to mine. I love your blog. Am so so happy that i have found a fellow Indian Gal who writes about personal development and self improvement.
    And that EARTHy strokes you describe are simply ingenious!
    Keep writing…and I will be back later to comment on your posts 🙂
    Much Love,
    ~Positive Provocations~
    p.s. You and your blog are smashing personified 😉

  8. That was very nice of you to say Zeenat. I am glad you identify with my writings. That way, we will have a lot to share.

    Keep in touch.
    Nice Day.

  9. Hi Shail,
    Thanks for visiting my blog . I am hurrying up to read ur posts . 🙂

  10. Thanks Krishna for stopping by. Nice of you.

  11. Hi Shail,
    Its Interesting and nice… Your post on past friendships made me nostalgic. It was indeed a great read.

  12. 4got 2 mention 1 thing… Good to know that we both liked this same template.. 🙂 🙂

  13. Thanks Revuu. Nice that you liked my post and yes, good that we both share a common template!

  14. This is a good intro..straight from the heart…like it. 🙂

  15. Hi Shail,

    Nice to see blog crossing 4000 hits. Keep Great Going.

  16. Hi Hari,

    Thanks a lot. Encouragement like yours helps.

  17. Hey there! 🙂

    Interesting intro!
    Glad to be here! 😀

  18. Thanks Elegant Chic. Nice to see you here! And good that you liked it.

    Hoping to see more of you.

  19. Hi Shail,
    You have a lovely blog.
    Do read my stories on my Creative Writing Blog at

  20. Hello Vikaram,

    I am glad you liked my blog. Hope to keep it interesting this way. Will definitely see your blogs. Also hoping to see more of you here.


  21. Hi shail, you are a grate writer. I like your stories. I am hindi poet and teacher from Ashoknagar m.p. India. Where are you? Send your detail pz.

  22. Thanks you Surendra. Nice to know that you like my stories.

  23. Sneha

    Very well put, Shail 🙂

  24. Sneha :

    Very well put, Shail :)

    Thanks Sneha.

  25. I liked your back ground 😀

  26. Krishna Leela :
    I liked your back ground

    Thanks Krishna….

  27. It is so pleasing to visit your blog.

  28. Dr Madan Goyal :
    It is so pleasing to visit your blog.

    Thanks Dr. Goyal. It is nice that you like it here. Hope to see you more often.

  29. namrata srimal

    hi Shail,
    i read THE ALCHEMIST then MANY MASTERS,MANY LIVES and now LAWS OF THE SPIRIT WORLD. i loved your book review.All these books have been intriguing and connecting to the next one i read .i have been answered all my personal questions when i read the last one .Hope more and more people benefit from reading the book .


  30. Hello Shail, it’s my first visit to your blog and I am impressed to the variety of topics you have written about. I was searching for a book review and landed here to find more. I hope you get enough time and generate more ideas to update this blog at least once a week. That’d be great for your readers!

  31. azima

    Hello Shail

    Nice to see your Good thoughts ,Keep writing and cheer !!


  32. Here is something for you 🙂

    Cheers! 😀

    • Hi Mridubala, So very sweet of you. Thanks for the nomination…

      • 😀
        If U can please read my The Fall

  33. Superb Blog

  34. Hi shail, I loved the way you talked about placing your varied thoughts in this blog. I am looking forward to all your stories.

  35. Enjoyed reading your interview very much, especially how Write Space happened! Look forward to read more from you 🙂

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