What are your reasons to Pray? Tell me!


From time immemorial prayer has been that invisible link that humans create with God. Naturally, this applies to believers and not to atheists although non believers in their own unique way unknowingly create a connection with the Power Above using science or logic.

Prayer, to me has always been part and parcel of my daily living. Call it a blessing that parents bestow upon their children by inculcating within them the desire to pray or an inborn trait that past lives bring to a mortal’s psyche.

As far as I remember, I was never forced into praying. Rituals and traditions practiced at home helped keep the thought and emotion of prayer and God alive and kicking. Studying in a convent further enriched the power of prayer. Many answered wishes with the aid of prayer only strengthened the bond for the unknown, unseen, benevolent and blessed Power.

My Reason To Pray has remained unchanged for years although the intensity, manner and desire have been influenced by different perceptions and situations over the years. I still pray for myself and my family as I did earlier. With the growing years (and hopefully with a little maturity!) I have begun to pray for people around me – for that ailing grandmother next door, for that stray dog who limps on the road as I pass him by, for that old family friend who suddenly passed away, for Ma Nature, for friendship, for wealth, for health, for contentment, for happiness, for lost dreams and most importantly, for good thoughts…..


This Diwali, I am going to pray again like always. The best part about a festival is the combination of ritual, tradition, celebration and prayer. Yes, sometimes it does happen that amidst all the festivity we do lose track of what is really important for us in life – of connecting within, of connecting with the Divine which gives us this opportunity every year, every day of our lives.

The Sampoorna Lakshmi Pooja Pack is a compact pack that seems to balance festivity, celebration and faith in today’s fast and materialistic world. It is the modern way of not losing track  of spirituality and prayer amidst the daily humdrum of life.

‘Simple and effortless yet complete pooja in a pack’ is what this is all about.

The idols for worship, the audio CD and booklet filled with the necessary slokas – all help one to perform the ideal and perfect pooja for Diwali.

I am going to use it this Diwali. I would recommend you use it too to make your Diwali celebration COMPLETE.

Whatever be your reasons for praying , let’s make this Diwali a perfect celebration with faith, devotion, joy and the Sampoorna Lakshmi Pooja Pack.

This post is a part of the blogging contest organized by Cycle Pure Agarbathies and Ripple Links.  

The topic is  ‘Reason To Pray’ and informs others through this post why the Sampoorna Lakshmi Pooja Pack is one of our prayer essentials this DIWALI. Check for more details at www.pureprayer.com



One thought on “What are your reasons to Pray? Tell me!

  1. I heard in a discourse that it is said in Bhaja Govindam it if referred that the Gita says Man is of 4 types.

    Artha – Personal wants Aartha – Comforts (material) Jignasa – Always questioning Mumuksha – who wants moksha

    Though I want to be the fourth type, I can’t resist being the third and can’t avoid being the first two. My paternal grandfather told my Mom that once you pray with folded hands, God knows what we want. I keep doing this – There is a saying in Tamil – Venduvana Arivay Nee, Vendiyana Tharuvay Nee meaning You know what I want, You will give what I want.

    It is also said time and again that once we ask for something, the distance between us and God widens.

    It is thus, very very difficult, especially for an Aam Aadmi like me, without meditation & routine rituals to see God in me.

    May be I didn’t learn Prayer perfectly but I agree faith matters a lot.

    Your post should hasten my reinvention of Prayer.


    J. Balaji.

    Date: Sun, 27 Oct 2013 18:10:09 +0000 To: jbalaji4@hotmail.com

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