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Review of a ‘Kill-Chill’ novel: God Is A Gamer

“If there is any truth in what you are saying, there are too many balls in the air. It could be anything. Muslim fanatics in Af-Pak, Hindu fundamentalists in India, Sri Lankan rebels fighting the government for Tamil liberation, Iranian extremists, Iraqis owing allegiance to Saddam. It could be anything. Where do we begin?’ Title: …

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Vanity Bagh: A Mohalla Review

An objective and witty novel by author Anees Salim about a mohalla called Vanity Bagh. A journey of realization for the protagonist Imran Jabbari. Will destiny take his side? Read more of my review of this book at

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The Untrodden Ways- Blood Stained Story of a Scientist: A Book Review

“There is nothing more uncertain than life. No matter how much we worship day and night, no matter how many rituals we do to please our lords. But still, our destiny cannot change. The things are pre-destined in our life and are as sure to happen as the rising and setting of the sun. A normal person…undergoes struggles in his life…starts cursing everyone. But those who are thrown on to the untrodden ways of life cannot even complain.”

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RIP: A Book Review

“Who are these people? Misguided patriots? Vigilantes? Or criminals out to destabilize the country? Are they the underground arm of the anti-corruption movement sweeping through the country? The country is asking. Is such vigilante action acceptable to India?”

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As one traverses through the tale of Fate and Desire, one is made to make love to Anand’s obstinate thoughts and cruel obsession. The author has sketched the character of Anand so well that one loves Anand and also hates him at the same time. How ethical are Anand’s means to achieve that end that he so desperately desires is to be seen. Every time Anand trips over the line of truth and goodness, one hopes this is the maximum evil he can do. But no! The author pushes us to the wall with every page, incident and emotion.

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When you get to read Mumbaistan, you get a three in one package. The description on the book cover aptly mentions, “3 Explosive Crime Thrillers.” And that is what you get. Three chilling crime stories that keep you pinned to the book. Three powerfully realistic doses of ammunition that threaten your illusionary halo of security. Three tales of love that defy all labels of vulnerable passion.

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The Hyena’s Laughter! LOVE ON THE ROCKS by Ismita Tandon Dhanker

It wasn’t that I wasn’t forewarned about the chilling story. The blurb clearly warned about murder, lies, suspense  and suspicious meat lockers. But being the eternal happy-go-lucky optimist that I am, I really didn’t expect to get embroiled in ‘Murder on the High Seas!’ What makes the novel keep going nay, surging ahead amidst stormy …

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